Almond Valley Estate

Almond Valley is a stunning Estate located in the north of Mallorca, on a 100-hectare plot of land lying
in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains, just a few minutes from the center of the beautiful town of
Pollensa. The main Villa is situated on the slope of a small hill with wonderful views of the “Vall den
March”, the 3 hectares of vineyards on the estate and the 4 hectares of a garden divided into several
zones: Japanese, Islamic, Majorcan, Mediterranean and Continental. Within it we can find a fairy tale
lake, with an old windmill converted into a living room in the center of it, several fountains and even a


The Villa

The Main House offers us 8 rooms, each themed in different flowers and trees that can be found on the
property. Jasmine, Almond, Rose, Rosemary, Lavender, Wisteria and Olive. All of them have been
decorated according to their name and have frescoes on the walls made by a group of international
artists. The Villa also offers different living rooms, dining rooms, billiard room, and two kitchens; the
main one equipped with everything you need to enjoy the best of Majorcan cuisine, and a second
kitchen in the pool area. The pool in the main house has a Pool Bar and can be heated up to 30 degrees

at any time of the year.

The Fields

Our team of farmers and gardeners care for a large and varied number of fruit and citrus trees, to offer
our family: oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, kumquats, cherries, melons, watermelons, apricots,
peaches, figs, etc. In the same way they take care of our 3 hectares of vineyard in which we grow 6
grape varieties: Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Monastrell and Syrah. Furthermore, we
produce every year Olive Oil from our olive trees plantation, and collect honey from our 5 beehives

The Noria House

And it is there, in the middle of the vineyard, where we find another magical point of the Finca, La
Noria, a small construction with its own pool and surrounded by vegetation, which offers us a

wonderful feeling of nature.

Price list:

Temporada alta: 49.000€ / semana( mínima estancia 7 noches) Periodo: Navidad, del 1 de julio al 1 de septiembre.

Temporada Media: 44.000€ / semana ( mínimo 5 noches) Abril, mayo, junio y Septiembre

Temporada baja: 39.000€/semana ( mínimo 5 noches) resto del año.

Incluye: limpieza diaria de 7.00 am a 22 p.m,mantenimiento piscina y jardin y desayuno diario.

Precios fuera de tarifa:

Art House 20.000 euros extra x semana ( tarifa anual)

Servicio extra de chef: 6000 euros x semana ( tarifa anual)





Property ID
Property Type: chalet
Property Size: M2
Equipment: None


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